Spa in the City Spa Packages

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The Ultimate Spa Experience £189.00

Picture of The Ultimate Spa Experience £189.00
Time out- this pamper day truly is our most indulgent at spa in the city it begins with a Salt & Oil scrub to leave your skin moisturised, smooth & soft. A Hot Stone Therapy Back Massage with restorative essential oils follows to ease tension and relax tired muscles, the regenerating Espa facial is then carried out, this facial includes a firming face & eye mask to tone, refresh and deliver powerful antioxidants to the skin, an oriental head massage is carried out during the facial. A prêt de manger healthy light lunch is included. The Luxury Manicure & Luxury pedicure will complete your Spa Experience. Blissful!

The Purely Holistic Programme £150..00

Picture of The Purely Holistic Programme £150..00
By taking our holistic approach this programme promotes total relaxation. Starting with the ESPA Aromatherapy Total Body Care your body is gently exfoliated, and then massaged using essential oils chosen to suit your individual requirements.

2 for 1 Spa Offer - (Mon. - Thurs.)

Picture of 2 for 1 Spa Offer - (Mon. - Thurs.)
2 for 1 Spa Offer - (Monday - Thursday)

The Age Defyer Spa Programme £109.00

Picture of The Age Defyer Spa Programme £109.00
This programme is anti ageing for both body & facial skin.This programme is anti ageing for both body & facial skin. A restorative full body mud envelopment, rich in marine nutrients and toning essential oils is carried out to moisturise, tone and smooth skin texture this is followed by The Luxury Facial with firming eye treatment, to tone, hydrate and relax lines. This package will restore your natural balance and leave you looking and feeling wonderfully relaxed

The Slimmer's Spa Tonic £105.00

Picture of The Slimmer's Spa Tonic £105.00
A balancing and detoxifying programme ideal to help boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins. Full body skin brushing and gentle exfoliation prepares the skin for an ESPA Algae Wrap. This therapeutic treatment uses warm seaweed rich in marine minerals, and includes a full head massage to help release stress and tension

Male Grooming Spa Day £99.00

Picture of Male Grooming Spa Day £99.00
Sea Salt Scrub- A full body exfoliation to leave your skin moisturised, smooth and soft. Aromatherapy Hot Stone Back Massage then follows a deep massage to ease tension and de-stress then to finish the soothing eye treatment to refresh tired eyes and firm eye contours. Great for the active and workaholic male

Spa In The City Signature Treatment £60.00

Picture of Spa In The City Signature Treatment £60.00
Our signature treatment truly is a little bit of heaven on earth.This treatment includes a deep back, neck & shoulder massage, face & scalp massage and a pressure point foot massage followed with a warm application of paraffin wax to the back and feet that will ease sore muscles while giving an intense moisture boost to the skin. Leaving you completely relaxed.

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